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This is a picture of Laura Michet.Laura Michet was a History/Creative Writing major at Dartmouth College. She gets flashbacks whenever she sits in a library, but it’s all for the best. She would like to talk to you about video games. You can reach her at laura at secondpersonshooter dot com.  You can find her on Steam as lauramichet and on XBox Live as IllustriousFlea.

Laura currently does copywriting for Tencent America, so anything she writes about social games is probably a conflict of interest, or something. Whatever.

Laura’s work has appeared on Resolution MagazineSavygamer, Kill Screen and Kotaku.

Kent Sutherland Kent Sutherlandis currently living in Hong Kong and searching for a job. He recently graduated from Dartmouth College, where he majored in Creative Nonfiction and minored in Digital Arts. He is a certified deep sea wreck diver, which makes him awesome. Recently, Kent been watching lots of mixed martial arts for some reason. He’s also working on designing and running email based social games with his friends. If you’d like to try out one of his games, send him an email! You can reach him at kent at secondpersonshooter dot com. You can find him on Steam, XBL, PSN and Game Center as eveningcorners.

Kent’s work has appeared in Kill ScreenKotakuCrispy Gamer, The Chicago Tribune, Daily Press, and others.

Guest Words

In times past, certain lovely individuals have granted us the privilege of putting their words on our website. If you wish to grace us with your words, include us each in an exploratory email and we’ll get back to you.

Meanwhile: a list of those lovely individuals, and links to their words.

Morgon Kanter
Peter Riggs, from Intelligent Design

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