Aw man, guys: Laura got published

Wow! I wrote something and the guys at Resolution Magazine, a British-based  game reviews site I read, put it up on their site! It’s an article about how horrible it is to miss out on really important, genre-changing games because we were too busy playing something else that sucked.

Come to think of it, most of the game sites I enjoy, like Rock Paper Shotgun, and Eurogamer, and Resolution, are British. There’s something their journalists have that ours don’t. It’s a candor, or something; an ease with personal expression, with talking about games in an engaging, human way that assumes the audience is also human and intelligent. Hmmm. Something to think about.

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  1. Aw fuck yeah. Congrats!

    I’d be curious to see what the list of “big deal games that we missed out on” consists of, for each of us here. I know for me it mostly consists of RPGs that I’ve recently bought and intend on playing now before any future RPGs like Dragon Age…but plenty of other games, too.

    Baldur’s Gate 2
    Planescape: Torment
    Half-Life 2 (I only played the original last summer)
    All of the Civilization line (I just started this one, with Civ 3 Complete — thank you Steam).

    There are a lot of other games I have bought and installed with the intention of playing, but none of them strike me as “big name” games like those do.

    • lauramichet

       /  March 21, 2010

      Baldur’s Gate is one of those for me, too. I spent countless hours watching my friends play it at their houses, but I never actually had a copy for myself. Planescape I’ve play a good 2 hours of with Kent, so I guess that counts as a miss, too.
      In a desperate attempt to patch another hole, I’ve been working away at the original fallout for the past few weeks. However, I keep quitting it to play Max Payne 1, because that involves John Woo bullettime and also shooting people in the face, which is generally a bit more exciting than clicking on a radscorpion and then getting impaled by it, over and over, for many straight hours.
      This is what happens when you leave your 360 at school and sit at home with a steam account full of games published before 2005, I guess!

    • I’ve missed out on my share of awesome games and then some. I’ve been trying to remedy this. Expect posts in the near future about Planescape: Torment, Dues Ex, A Mind Forever Voyaging and many others!

      It’s interesting to compare the communal experience of great games to the communal experience of great books or movies. It’s so easy to go back and watch the original Star Wars trilogy even though it game out in the 70s, or to read Shakespeare even though his stuff is centuries old. Playing Zork? Not as easy. As a result there is a vibrant culture surrounding lots of old movies and books, but this isn’t as true with old games.

      • lauramichet

         /  March 21, 2010

        zork! All three! I enjoyed the first one, anyway. Fill those holes in your records, guys

      • Plancescape Torment: das beste Spiel, dass ich je gelesen habe (nein, der Onkel macht nur Spa , ich liebe PS:T). Witzigerweise habe ich gredae gestern angefangen auch mal wieder einen guten alten Klassiker zu spielen: Chrono Trigger. Und obwohl ich mit GTAIV einen Heidenspass habe, kommen bei Chrono Trigger doch deutlich st rkere Emotionen hoch seltsame Sache das.

  2. I think the divide between British and American games journalism is a really interesting one, and something I’ve been trying to isolate and identify for a while. The divide definitely exists, though, and I think you might be onto something with personal expression. You Americans do news better, though.

    • lauramichet

       /  March 21, 2010

      You’re right about the news, I think. When I look at my RSS aggregator, all the sites I go to for reviews are British, and all the ones I go to for rapid-fire facts are corporate American behemoths staffed by robots. They’re good with the facts, they are.


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