The Second Person Shooter Podcast // Episode 1: Difficult Games

2PS Podcast 1

Here’s to thoughtful discussion and awesome stories!  In our inaugural episode we talk about different types of difficult games and why we enjoy them.  Tune in for:

– Witty banter, sultry tones and a killer chiptune.

– The Mac ‘N Cheese / canned tuna metaphor, and why it doesn’t apply to Demon’s Souls

– Differing opinions on Don’t Look Back

– Killing the things we love a la Edgar Allan Poe

We will be on iTunes as soon as we’re approved — it might be a couple of days.  In the meantime, though, enjoy some embedded goodness and let us know what you think in the comments or at  Don’t hesitate to send us questions, topic suggestions, or weak-kneed fan-mail.

A big thank you to J. Arthur Keenes for letting us use his excellent song.  It’s called “Colour Television”. (The full stop goes on the outside because it’s British spelling.)  Here’s a link to the song:, and here is a link to more of his music:

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  1. Provided you get approved at iTunes, please do not stop hosting these in other places. I don’t use iTunes.

  2. Hey guys,

    We’ve been having a few small technical difficulties. You may have noticed that the file was down for an hour or so. I updated the ID3 tags which somehow made the file undetectable by WordPress. Now I’ve made a new file and put it up, but for some reason the embedded audio player is only playing the first few seconds. If you click on the second link, though, you can listen to the whole thing in a separate window. Sorry about this, and I hope to have it fixed soon.

    edit: fixed! We’re now being reviewed by iTunes. I’ve made a feed on feedburner that you can also use if you’d like. There are links for all sorts of podcatchers over there.

  3. the story from dont look back is taken from a old greek myth/tragedy in case u didnt know.

    As for difficuly in games i dont like random stat based difficulty found in jrpgs but twitched based difficulty like in shmups because through having to go though the proces of learning to beat a twitch hard game it isnt the stats on my character that Lv up but me as a gamer who levels up.

    For anyone who loves twitch hard really needs to get into shmups especially 1CC/ playing for score as the best shmups are designed around it and makes the games simple to play but very very deep gameplay if u care to delve deeper.

    For begineers try out the freeware blue wish resurrection by x.x games

    plus for wow loveres theres even a shmup mmorpg

    u guys might enjoy visiting the shmup theory blog aswell


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